The importance of well-inflated tires

Checking and adjusting the air pressure in your tires is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can perform, and it’s also the most beneficial for the environment! Its impact is significant on the quality of your driving and on everyone’s safety.

Keeping an adequate amount of air in your tires improves their lifespan and allows you to save on fuel consumption. Driving on under- or over-inflated tires can lead to many problems and make your driving dangerous.

An underinflated tire has a more flattened shape, which causes the tread edges to make more contact with the road than they should. This leads to premature wear on the tire’s sidewalls and increases your risk of a blowout. Additionally, underinflated tires make braking less efficient and handling more difficult on turns.

An overinflated tire, on the other hand, wears out faster in the middle of the tread because it’s the only part that touches the road. You need a longer braking distance and have reduced traction on overinflated tires. Also, the increased bouncing makes for a less comfortable ride. Finally, the poor grip on the road reduces your control, regardless of the road conditions.

Have you noticed your tire pressure dropping quickly? Maybe it’s time to get new tires for your vehicle. Make an appointment at your nearest M 360 Mechanic.

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