How to avoid adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle

Fuel-efficient driving can help you save money on fuel, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and limit your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Several other good habits can help reduce your impact on the environment – and on your wallet – including lightening the load in your car.

Did you know the weight of your vehicle has a significant impact on your fuel consumption? The fuel consumption of a mid-size car increases by about one per cent for every 25 kilograms of weight it carries. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sort through your belongings when the seasons change or after returning from a long road trip.

Remove anything you won’t need over the next few weeks or months. This includes bags of salt or sand, sports equipment, luggage and bike racks, shovels and ice scrapers. Keep only what you need, including your survival kit. You can also take this time to re-evaluate where you place heavy items, storing them appropriately in the trunk to improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics.

To further reduce your ecological footprint, invest in regular vehicle maintenance. It offers many of the same benefits as reducing its weight. Contact your nearest M 360 Mechanic to schedule your next appointment.

Avoid unnecessary weight in your vehicle

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