How much do you know about your car’s suspension system?

Pothole-filled roads can put your vehicle’s suspension system to the test. Assess your knowledge of this essential component with this short quiz.

  1. What are the three types of vehicle suspensions?
    • a) Flexible axle, independent and semi-autonomous
    • b) Rigid axle, semi-autonomous and autonomous
    • c) Rigid axle, semi-independent and independent
  2. Which of the following dampens the impact of bumps in the road?
    • a) The spring and shock absorber
    • b) The spring and wheel
    • c) The shock absorber and torsion bar
  3. What role does the suspension play?
    • a) It ensures the driver and passengers ride in total comfort
    • b) It maximizes contact between the tires and the road
    • c) All of the above
  4. What’s the most common type of spring used in suspension systems?
    • a) Leaf spring
    • b) Coil spring
    • c) Air spring


  1. c) The front and rear of the vehicle may have different suspension systems.
  2. a) The shock is absorbed by the spring and shock absorber. These parts contain oil that creates resistance and reduces rebound.
  3. c) The suspension system maintains friction between the tires and the surface of the road to improve steering stability and ensure passenger comfort, among other things.
  4. b) The type of vehicle you drive determines what kind of spring is used.

To ensure your safety and that of your passengers, it’s essential to keep your suspension in good condition. When in doubt, stop by your nearest M 360 Mechanic for an inspection.

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