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Our mechanics undergo a rigorous training in order to become state-of-the-art technology specialists. They understand your reality as a motorist, your aspirations and your constraints.

See how our network of 360 Mechanics contributes to the quality of our service on a daily basis, in addition to offering you a wide selection of auto parts at competitive prices.

Suspension and steering


Whether it’s a simple adjustment or a suspension problem, why should you compromise the pleasure of driving? For maximum grip and improved road safety, let your M 360 Mechanic repair shop ensure a safe and enjoyable drive.

No matter what your vehicle’s make or model is, no matter the season, drive without feeling the effects of freezing and thawing on roadways.

Questions & answers

What is the difference between shock absorbers and suspension?

On an automobile, it is important to distinguish the shock absorbers from the suspensions: The suspension improves handling by pressing the wheels on the ground. It often consists of a spring. The shock absorbers slow down the rebound effects caused by the suspension springs.

When should shock absorbers be replaced?

Worn shock absorbers will affect your vehicle’s handling. Do you feel vibrations, side wind sensitivity, inaccurate braking or notice abnormal tire wear?

For your safety and preserve your vehicle, have the condition of your suspension system inspected. Come to M 360 Mechanic!