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Our mechanics undergo a rigorous training in order to become state-of-the-art technology specialists. They understand your reality as a motorist, your aspirations and your constraints.

See how our network of 360 Mechanics contributes to the quality of our service on a daily basis, in addition to offering you a wide selection of auto parts at competitive prices.


Your safety first

For M 360 Mechanic, the feeling of freedom that comes with driving is closely linked to the idea of security. Your brakes’ condition is a direct safety factor when you drive.

Since good brakes are a significant element of carefree driving, your 360 Mechanics make sure that your vehicle does not leave the workshop without being safe.

Have your brakes inspected for maximum safety thanks to a high-performance braking system.

Question & answer

Why is the emergency brake light on on my dashboard?

The emergency brake light, generally represented by a red ‘‘p’’, usually goes on when the emergency brake is engaged, blocking both wheels of an axle. It is essential that you make sure you are not driving with the emergency brakes engaged when you see this light go on. However, it is not impossible that this warning light goes on even though the emergency brake is released. In general, the on-board computer has detected a problem with the brake fluid circuit. It is therefore essential to have everything checked by a mechanic, in order to ensure the safety and durability of your vehicle’s systems.