How much do you know about “greene” fuels?

Transportation is a notorious source of pollution. Fortunately, many innovations are gradually emerging that can limit the harmful impacts of travel on the environment. “Green” fuel use, in particular, is one way of doing more to help out the planet.

Several new types of fuel have appeared in the past few years. They’re sometimes called green, renewable or alternative fuels. These products include synthetic fuels, hydrogen and biofuels like ethanol, biodiesel and vegetable oil.

Synthetic fuels and biofuels are relevant solutions for areas like aviation, where electric power isn’t an option to support international flights. For motorists, biofuels haven’t yet achieved a competitive advantage over fossil fuels. However, ethanol is a widely used biofuel that’s combined with gasoline to power automobiles. Most types of gasoline are composed of 10 per cent ethanol, and some flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) can run on up to 85 per cent ethanol.

You can do your part and help protect the environment by opting for modes of transport that run on green fuels. Ask the team at M 360 Mechanic about your options for using more eco-friendly solutions, like switching to green products when you get fluid refills.

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