Tips for prolonging your car’s battery life in winter

Did you know there are various strategies you can use to extend the battery life of your gas-powered or electric vehicle? To avoid replacing having to your vehicle’s battery prematurely — which would have an impact on the environment— adopt these good driving habits this winter.

Gas-powered car battery

Follow these tips to maximize the battery performance in your gas-powered car in cold weather:

  • Start using a block heater as soon as the temperature dips below -5 C
  • Limit the use of your car’s electronics and electrical devices
  • Avoid cranking up the heat and dress appropriately to stay warm
  • Install energy-efficient headlight bulbs

Electric car battery

Keep these tips in mind to optimize the battery performance in your electric vehicle and prevent it from wearing out this winter:

  • Park your car in a heated garage or car park whenever possible
  • Activate your car’s pre-heat function a few minutes before setting out
  • Use your car’s heated seats rather than the heater
  • Select “Eco” mode, which adjusts settings to conserve battery power

Don’t forget to test your battery’s power to prevent any unpleasant surprises during winter. Are you worried about the longevity of your vehicle’s battery? Do you need to get it replaced? Make an appointment with an M 360 Mechanic near you.

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