Tips for an eco-friendly tire change

In Quebec, the deadline to install compliant winter tires on your vehicle is December 1st. Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint? Here are a few tips to help you change your tires in the greenest way possible.

Choice of tires

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impacts of their choices, and tire manufacturers know it. Many brands have made considerable progress in designing environmentally friendly tires. In addition to using environmentally responsible materials, tire manufacturers have developed environmentally friendly technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

If you have to buy new tires this winter, look for ones with the following features:

  • Superior tread durability
  • Synthetic rubber made of plant-based or biomass materials
  • Low rolling resistance, which reduces the energy required for the car to move

Ask a professional for advice when you make your tire purchase. They’ll be able to recommend environmentally friendly products from well-known brands, including Yokohama, Continental and Michelin.

Tire recycling

When your tires reach the end of their functional life, they should never end up in a landfill. They can be remoulded, recycled or repurposed. Are your last year’s winter tires worn out? If you’re unsure how to dispose of them, take those tires to a recycling centre or your local garage.

Have you made an appointment to change your tires yet? If not, avoid the hassle by calling your nearest M 360 Mechanic today.

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