How much do you know about distracted driving?

The statistics are undeniable: distractions at the wheel multiply the risk of having an accident. Test your knowledge on the subject and take the opportunity to reflect on your own driving habits.

  1. If you’re driving at 90 km/h and take your eyes off the road for five seconds to read a text message, how far will you have travelled?

a) The equivalent of the length of an Olympic swimming pool (50 metres)

b) The length of an NHL ice rink (61 metres)

c) The length of a soccer field (110 metres)

2. By how much does using an electronic device multiply the risk of a collision?

a) 2 times more likely

b) 3.6 times more likely

c) 5 times more likely

3. What are the four types of distraction at the wheel?

a) Visual, manual, cognitive and auditory

b) Olfactory, sensory, mechanical and digital

c) Epidermal, neurological, digestive and technological


  • 1. c) Needless to say, driving blindly over such a long distance makes no sense at all.
  • 2. b) According to a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, published in 2019.
  • 3. a) Certain behaviours, like texting, combine several types of distractions simultaneously.

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