How to prevent your electronic key from being cloned

Did you know that car thieves can clone modern electronic keys in less than a minute? They use specialized software and computers to clone the signal from an electronic key. They can even defeat built-in anti-theft devices. If your car is equipped with such a key, here are a few tips to prevent thieves from (virtually) stealing your key and (actually) stealing your car!

  • Never leave your key in plain sight, like on a picnic table or the seat of your car. At home, keep your key as far away as possible from all entrances, doors and windows.
  • For extra protection, store your key in an anti-theft box or case. This inexpensive accessory is specially designed to block malicious external electrical fields. Why risk going without one?
  • Get an OBD protector. This robust cap prevents thieves from accessing the onboard diagnostics socket inside your vehicle.

Bonus tip: to give yourself the best chance of deterring thieves from targeting your car, you can also fit it with an alarm system and a satellite tracking system (GPS).

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