Do you know how to share the road?

Summer roads are packed with pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and motorcyclists. To ensure everyone stays safe, it’s important to behave respectfully and safely. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about sharing the road.

  1. What are the consequences of tailgating another driver?

a) A fine of $100 to $200 and two demerit points

b) A warning

c) The anger of the person being tailgated

2. Are cyclists required to signal their intentions before turning or changing lanes?

a) No, but it’s strongly recommended

b) Yes, because failure to signal your intentions can result in a fine

c)Yes, but only when traffic is heavy

3. What should you do if you come across a pedestrian while driving?

a) Maintain your speed and trajectory

b) Maintain your speed and change lanes if possible

c) Slow down and leave a safe distance between you and the pedestrian


  • 1.a) Following someone too closely is a breach of the Highway Safety Code. This dangerous behaviour can also contribute to road rage. Keep your distance.
  • 2. b) Like motorists, cyclists must comply with the Highway Safety Code. A cyclist who is caught performing a manoeuvre without signalling their intention can be fined between $80 and $100.
  • 3. c) The Highway Safety Code requires a minimum distance of one metre in 50 km/h or less zones and 1.5 metres in zones that exceed 50 km/h.

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