How to manage the air conditioning in your car

Using air conditioning to cool down consumes a lot of energy. What’s more, it’s not very environmentally friendly. That said, it’s hard to go without it on the hottest summer days. Would you like to know how to use your car’s air conditioning intelligently?

Here are a few tips:

  • Drive with the windows open for a few kilometres at the start of your journey to let the hot air escape.
  • If possible, only use the air conditioning only when you’re driving fast, such as on the highway. The faster the engine is running, the cooler the air becomes. In slow traffic or on city roads, open the windows instead.
  • Set the air conditioning to the coldest possible temperature and adjust the fan. This increases the efficiency of the air conditioner, makes the air less dry and saves fuel. Choosing a less extreme temperature makes the air conditioner warm up some of the air, which requires more effort.
  • Turn off your air conditioner a few minutes before you arrive at your destination to save your engine from unnecessary strain the next time you start up. It’ll also help you avoid a thermal shock when you get out of your car.

Finally, remember to have your air conditioning system maintained by a professional and regularly replace the cabin filter for good air circulation.

To keep your vehicle in top condition, make an appointment at your nearest M 360 Mechanic.

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