How well do you know your automotive fluids?

In addition to mechanical components, specialized fluids are essential for a vehicle to operate properly. How well do you know them? Test yourself by answering these questions.

1) Which of these statements is true?
a. It’s not necessary to replace the brake fluid.
b. The transmission fluid level should be checked while the engine is running.
c. Winter windshield washer fluid is suitable for summer, and vice versa.

2) What’s another name for transmission fluid?
a. ATF
b. Motor oil
c. Synthetic lubricant

3) What colours can the coolant be?
a. Grey, clear, khaki or purple
b. Blue, green, yellow or red
c. Brown, beige, white or black

4) What happens to the coolant when it’s not changed in time?
a. It solidifies.
b. It becomes acidic.
c. It becomes opaque.

5) Approximately how often should the power steering fluid be changed?
a. Every 15,000 kilometres
b. Every 30,000 kilometres
c. Every 50,000 kilometres

1) b.
2) a.
3) b.
4) b.
5) c.

Do your automotive fluids need checking and replacement? Go see the specialists at your nearest M 360 Mechanic.

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