Best practices for hitching your trailer

Driving with a poorly secured trailer is dangerous for you and other motorists. If it comes unhitched, it can cause a severe accident. Hitching your trailer correctly is quite simple when you follow these basic steps. Here’s how.

  • Once your trailer is positioned so the hitch ball can pass under the trailer hitch, back your vehicle slowly to align the ball and the coupler.
  • Immobilize your vehicle, then lower the coupler so that it sits on the hitch ball. Engage the safety latch and secure the coupler with a pin or nut.
  • If your trailer doesn’t have an independent braking system, attach the safety chain or cable to the vehicle hitch. Then, connect the trailer’s electrical and brake cables.
  • Check that everything is in place, then test drive a few metres. If possible, ask someone to stand outside the vehicle and confirm that the trailer lights and turn signals work properly.

Before taking to the road with your trailer, ensure that it and your vehicle – especially the brakes and tires – are in perfect condition. Visit your M 360 Mechanic today.

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