Can you answer these three questions about brakes?

Your vehicle’s braking system plays a major role in road safety. About 40 per cent of mechanical failures are due to defective brakes. Test your knowledge of this important vehicle component with this fun quiz.

1) What parts of the braking system stick to the disc to slow the vehicle down?

a. Callipers

b. Pads

c. Pistons

2) What happens if the brake fluid runs out?

a. Braking takes longer or is impossible

b. Brakes wear out prematurely

c. All of the above

3) How often is it recommended to have your brakes inspected?

a. Once a year

b. Twice a year

c. Four times a year, at the changes of the seasons


1) b. The pads, located on either side of the disc, press against it and create friction, causing the wheels to slow down or come to a complete stop.

2) c. You have plenty of reasons not to neglect the maintenance of your braking system!

3) b. However, if you notice something out of the ordinary, get your brakes checked right away.

Are your brakes making strange noises, shaking or reacting slowly? Don’t risk an accident: make an appointment with your M 360 Mechanic today.

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