How to keep your cabin safe

When you’re driving and experience an impact or have to brake suddenly, the loose objects in the interior of your car suddenly turn into projectiles with a force of at least 20 times their weight. Whether you’re driving to work, making a quick grocery run, taking a leisurely road trip or moving a few boxes, it’s important to secure your belongings properly before setting out. Here’s how!

• Use your trunk space. It’s the safest place to carry your items. Place the heaviest objects at the bottom, then the lighter ones on top. If your trunk has straps, use them to prevent your belongings from shifting on sudden turns.

• Take advantage of interior storage spaces like the glove and door compartments. It prevents smaller objects from being thrown all over the car’s interior in the event of a collision. It’ll also help avoid stray items getting caught under the pedals.

• Try to avoid using seats and the floor for storage as much as possible. If you have no other choice, secure the objects with straps and nest items together so that they support each other during sudden jolts. Also, be careful not to obstruct your visibility.

• Use sturdy storage accessories like nets, pockets or other compartments that can attach securely to your seats.

Is your vehicle too small to transport your load? Consider installing a roof rack and storage container.

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