3 questions about move over laws

In Quebec, the concept of Move-Over Law still raises some questions.

Find out how well you understand this safety regulation by answering these questions.

  1. Under what circumstances must drivers follow a Move-Over Law?

a) Whenever a vehicle is stopped at the side of the road.

b) When an emergency vehicle, tow truck or surveillance vehicle is stopped on or next to the road and has its flashing lights or arrow lights activated.

c) When a police car is stopped on the side of the road to issue a ticket.

2. What can happen if you don’t respect a Move-Over Law?

a) You could be given a fine of $200 to $300 (plus costs) and four demerit points.

b) You could be given a written warning.

c) You could be given a $50 fine.

3. Does the move Move-Over Law mean you have to change lanes completely?

b) Activate your turn signal, stop before the stop line, check that the lane is clear and make the turn.

a) Slow down, check if the lane is clear, activate your turn signal and make the turn.

b) Activate your turn signal and make the turn if the lane is clear.


  • 1. b) Emergency vehicles include ambulances, police cars, fire trucks and traffic control vehicles.
  • 2. c) This applies to situations on highways and on urban or rural roads.
  • 3. a) If necessary, slow down or stop until you can safely drive around the vehicle or change lanes.

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