How much do you know about car tires?

Tires are an essential part of any vehicle. Here’s a short quiz to learn more about these parts and to test your knowledge.

  1. How many components make up modern car tires?
    1. Around 50
    1. Around 100
    1. Around 200
  • What percentage of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is tire-related?
    • Approximately 10%
    • Approximately 20%
    • Approximately 30%
  • A tire has the most environmental impact…
    • When it’s being made
    • When it’s being used
    • At the end of its life
  • You should check your tire pressure when the tire is…
    • Cold
    • Hot
    • It doesn’t matter


  1. C. Tires are made up of a mixture of elastomers, including natural and synthetic rubber, as well as reinforcing fillers, such as carbon black and silica, plasticizers and other chemical elements.
  • B. Rolling resistance causes tires to consume one out of every five litres of fuel.
  • B. This impact depends partly on how the tires are used. Underinflated tires, for example, wear down more quickly and consume more energy.
  • A. Checking your car’s tire pressure when the tires are cold will ensure they’re properly inflated and optimize their performance.

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