Mister Muffler is becoming M 360 Mechanic

With our new name and same dedicated team of experts,
M 360 Mechanic is evolving to better meet the changing needs of our clients.

Over the past few months, most of our workshops have transitioned to our new M 360 Mechanic banner, and today, we offer a host of new services to better meet the changing needs of motorists. Our new identity is a proud symbol of the skills we’ve acquired, and of the reputation we’ve built since we opened our doors over 65 years ago. Today, true to our origins and heritage, our company is focusing on the future and starting a new chapter to better embrace the coming changes in our rapidly evolving auto industry. 

The future in clear view

Our new M 360 Mechanic name is a testament to the energy that accelerated the metamorphosis of the Mister Muffler name, a name which stood as a standard in the industry, and a brand trusted by all. In keeping with that dynamic spirit, M 360 Mechanic has done everything possible to hasten the transition to electric vehicles, while actively promoting connectivity and mobility. In the words of Daniel Malandruccolo, Vice President of Sales, “Each of these technological advances is transforming our business, broadening our service offer more than ever to better meet the needs of our clients.”

In concrete terms, our company is constantly reinventing itself, ever adapting to emerging market realities while remaining at the cutting edge of auto technology. One example is the creation of our Academy, a specialized school focused on advanced technologies to offer service technicians specific training in electric vehicles.

Doing our part for the environment

Our mission at M 360 Mechanic is much broader than to simply serve our clients. In addition to investing in R&D innovations that enable us to maintain our market leadership, M 360 Mechanic is implementing specific procedures to reduce our ecological footprint, promoting concrete actions to help preserve our planet’s resources with initiatives like recycling used oil, filters, containers, materials, and tires.

A brand with a social conscience Driven by its strong brand values, M 360 Mechanic is a proud corporate citizen, dedicated supporting environmental, economic and social issues. Steadfastly committed to ensuring a better society for tomorrow, M 360 Mechanic is already speeding headlong into the future, quickly adapting to the needs of its clients while contributing to the well-being of future generations.

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