What’s the point of a spring inspection? Take the test!

Winter is finally over! Now, it’s time to make an appointment for a spring inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe and in good working condition. Answer the following questions to test your knowledge:

  1. What signs could inWhat are the benefits of a spring inspection?
    • a) It extends the life of your vehicle
    • b) It ensures you can drive with peace of mind
    • c) It prevents potential problems with your insurer
    • d) All of the above

  1. How many points are examined during a professional spring inspection?
    • a) About 20
    • b) Between 30 and 40
    • c) More than 50

  1. What components must be looked at during a spring inspection?
    • a) Fluids (e.g. engine oil), brakes and battery
    • b) Seats, speakers and rubber mats
    • c) The smell of the passenger compartment, the cleanliness of the bodywork and the decorative accessories


  1. d) It also increases the value of your vehicle and makes it easier to sell. It only makes sense to invest in a preventive inspection!

  1. c) At M 360 Mechanic, the most popular inspection is the Regular Inspection, which includes 37 points and is usually done during an oil change. Each repair shop has its own variety of inspection!

  1. a) Besides examining these essential components, our mechanics will check your car’s filters, tires, belts and more.

Spring into action before summer! Have your vehicle inspected at your nearest M 360 Mechanic today.

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