How well do you know your car’s suspension system? Find out with these 3 questions!

The suspension system is a critical component of any vehicle, ensuring a smooth ride and optimal interaction between unsprung weight, such as the wheels and brakes, and sprung weight, like the chassis and passenger compartment. Answer the following three questions to test your knowledge:

  1. What signs could indicate you have a problem with your suspension?
    • a) You feel every pothole and bump on the road
    • b) The brakes are less effective on wet roads
    • c) You must try several times to start the car
  2. Which of the following sets of parts is not part of the suspension system?
    • a) Control arm, shock absorber and ball joint
    • b) Transmission belt, clutch bearing and camshaft
    • c) Stub axle, coil spring and strut
  3. What’s the name of the most commonly used car suspension system in the world?
    • a) MacPherson-type suspension
    • b) Women Carl Benz suspension
    • c) McGregor-style suspension


  1. a) If you find it hard to keep your car moving in a straight line or notice it leaning to one side when you’re parked, it could also be a sign that something’s amiss.
  2. b) The names of suspension parts may vary depending on the region and suspension type.
  3. a) Invented in the 1940s, it’s also known as the MacPherson strut suspension. 

You must take care of all the parts that make up your car’s suspension system. Have your vehicle’s suspension regularly inspected by your local M 360 Mechanic repair shop.

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