Wash the inside of your car in winter!

Winter, with its snow-covered roads and salt spilled on them, it is especially hard on your vehicle, and even harder if you do not wash it enough. But, did you know that not cleaning the interior of your car can be detrimental to your health?

Whether it’s because your child has eaten a snack in the vehicle, you’ve previously touched the door handle of a public building, or a passenger with a cold has sneezed, the car is a real “bacteria nest” – you’ll find nearly 700 bacteria per square centimeter of surface area! Cold weather, which makes you want to keep your windows closed, restricts the ventilation of your car and confines you to this environment.

To limit the spread of germs, remember to wash or have the interior of your vehicle cleaned at least twice during the winter season. For best results, use quality antibacterial products adapted to the materials of your car. Also clean the interior of your vehicle with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Finally, note that washing your carpets helps prevent rust on the interior surface of your floor. In short, you have everything to gain!

For more tips on car care, visit your Mister Muffler repair shop.

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