Mister Muffler launches its new program of refilling windshield washer fluid containers!

At Mister Muffler, we have high ecological values, as we have shown through our brand positioning and one of our three strategic poles: environmental protection. In order to promote recycling and reduce plastic waste, we have taken the initiative to introduce a new service of refilling windshield washer fluid containers.

A solution against pollution

According to statistics from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), 5.5 million vehicles are on the road in Quebec and, on average, each of them uses 4 cans of windshield washer fluid annually, for a total of 22 million cans! * In other words, if you add up the number of containers thrown away by all motorists from one year to the next, you get an astronomical result… and a real ecological disaster!

With the growing trend of bulk purchasing, the solution to this environmental problem has imposed itself. Now, instead of using the traditional single-use containers, environmentally conscious consumers can fill their own windshield washer fluid containers at Mister Muffler!

Customers who wish to take advantage of this new service can only bring their own empty containers. And there you go! the windshield washer fluid will be filled directly from the reservoir for 2$.

Ecological and economical, this “green” service is an initiative we are very proud of.

Come and try it!

Available in participating Mister Muffler repair shops.

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