The turbocharger: for maximum power

The turbocharger, commonly known as a “turbo”, is a supercharging system that increases the amount of oxygen delivered to a vehicle’s engine in order to deliver more fuel (diesel or gasoline) to the engine to boost power.

The turbocharger consists of two “propellers” – a turbine and a compressor – located in interconnected crankcases (rigid protective shells). Some of the car’s exhaust gas is forced to strike the turbine blades, and the pressure exerted causes the device to rotate. Since the turbine is connected to the compressor, it activates the movement of the compressor, which then draws fresh outside air into its crankcase. The air is then compressed, raising its temperature. Considering that the engine must receive cold air, the compressed air is then redirected to an air-to-air exchanger (intercooler) to cool it to the desired temperature. It is only at the end of this loop that the compressed air reaches the engine chamber. 

When in direct contact with the particles in the exhaust gas, the turbine can become clogged and lose efficiency. For a perfectly functional turbocharger, make an appointment with your Mister Muffler repair shop!

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