The automatic braking system: proven active safety

No one is truly safe from an accident caused by distraction or lack of alertness. In order to reduce the risks, manufacturers are increasingly including automatic braking systems in their vehicles.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the car is equipped with lasers, radars or cameras that are used to detect the presence of an obstacle (vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian, etc.) and to calculate the distance to a possible impact. When this distance is reduced below a pre-determined threshold, the system warns the driver, unaware of the danger, by a visual and audible alert. If the system does not perceive any evasive action on the part of the driver, the system applies the brakes to reduce the vehicle’s speed or even stop the vehicle.

The automatic braking system has proven its effectiveness in several controlled crash tests. While it does not always prevent an impact, it does reduce the speed of the car by several kilometers per hour, thereby reducing the severity of the impact and damage.

The condition of your vehicle’s automatic braking system is not to be taken lightly. For peace of mind, visit the experts at your Mister Muffler repair shop!

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