The silencer: the sound wave tamer

Often referred to as a muffler in Quebec, the silencer is a part of the exhaust system that was designed, as its name suggests, to prevent a vehicle from producing a hellish sound. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that when the muffler is defective – or even absent – it can be heard from afar!

How it works

When the engine is running, the gases produced by the combustion of the fuel pass through several tubes before ending up in a chamber called a “resonator”. This ingenious chamber redirects the sound waves, which are automatically reduced by the phenomenon of interference. This way, the most powerful (and most aggressive!) sounds generated by the vehicle are considerably attenuated, allowing the driver, passengers and the general public to avoid premature hearing loss!

Finally, did you know that newer models of cars often have more than one silencer, in different shapes and sizes? One thing is certain: designers and engineers are still working hard to make our cars even more comfortable and enjoyable to drive!

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