Manual or automatic transmission: How to make the right choice?

When the time comes to enroll in a practical driving course, most future drivers spontaneously choose to learn driving on a vehicle with an automatic transmission. So, when they’re about to buy a car, they’re obviously inclined to get a model that they’re familiar with.

Both types of transmissions have their advantages. With 2 pedals instead of 3 and effortless gear changes, the automatic transmission requires less maneuvering and is very reliable. On the other hand, the manual transmission allows better control of the vehicle, while generally being more economical.

One thing’s for sure: it’s a good idea to learn to drive a manual vehicle. Although we prefer not to think the worst, keep in mind that your skills could be useful in an emergency situation, for example. On a lighter note, when shopping for a new or used car, you would have one less constraint to consider!

To check the condition of your vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission, make an appointment with Mister Muffler!

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