Expert tips to prevent rust in winter

In winter, changing temperatures and abrasive substances on the roads make life hard for our cars. Fighting rust is therefore essential to protect your vehicle’s bodywork and mechanical parts.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available to keep corrosion at bay. First, have your vehicle treated against rust in a certified repair shop, coat it with a quality wax and, for best results, equip your car with protective accessories (e.g. mudguards or a grille guard). In addition, regular cleaning of your car is essential to get rid of all kinds of debris. To wash the underside of your vehicle thoroughly and shine its bodywork, go to a contactless car wash on a mild day.

Also, while driving, reduce your speed and stay away from other vehicles, which could throw de-icing salts or gravel on your car, scratching its body. Remember that rust usually begins its “work” in areas where the paint is damaged.

For more smart tips, contact your Mister Muffler repair shop!

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