How can you adapt your driving to winter conditions?

In winter, no one wants to start their day swerving off the road or in a collision with the vehicle in front of them at a traffic light! To avoid unfortunate incidents or tragic accidents, there are only a few basic rules of thumb to follow. And even if these may seem obvious to you, you should know that many motorists neglect to apply them in Quebec! Here are 8 essential rules to keep in mind:

  1. Start braking early and gently, especially in busy intersections;
  2. Keep a greater distance from other vehicles, especially on highways;
  3. Avoid overtaking if the road is snowy or covered with black ice;
  4. Turn on your hazard warning lights and pull over to the shoulder of the road when visibility is zero (or near zero);
  5. Leave early in your daily commute to avoid the temptation to drive too fast;
  6. Be careful, courteous and patient with maintenance and snow removal vehicles;
  7. Never use cruise control during a snow or ice storm;
  8. Reduce your speed at all times, even if your vehicle has the best winter tires in the world!

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