The essentials to have in your car in winter

Even as a car owner in Quebec for several years, you can never predict what “surprises” await you during the cold season: blocked roads, snow or ice storms, slippery roads, flat batteries, etc. Do you have everything you need at hand in your vehicle to get out of a difficult situation? According to experts, your winter emergency equipment should contain at least the following items:

  • Water in a thermos;
  • Non-perishable food;
  • jumper cables;
  • Flares;
  • Traction aids;
  • Warm clothing;
  • Snow brush and scraper;
  • Windshield washer fluid;
  • Hand-crank flashlight;
  • A small shovel;
  • A cellphone;
  • A first-aid kit.

And if the unknown meets you on the roads of Quebec, it is better to put all the chances on your side and have a vehicle in good condition. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a Mister Muffler to make sure your vehicle is ready to face the winter.

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