Why you should clean your car’s outdoor sensors

Many modern vehicles are equipped with advanced safety systems that use sensors and other technologies to assist with driving. Although they often get neglected when you’re clearing snow from your vehicle, here’s why you should give them more attention.

  • To be effective, the sensors must be well-cleared in all seasons. Snow and slush can quickly accumulate and interfere with their proper functioning.
  • Rain and light sensors and your front and rear cameras improve your range of vision while driving. If they’re dirty or obstructed, you won’t be able to use them. If you’ve gotten in the habit of relying on them, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise on your next drive.
  • By reducing your risk of collision with pedestrians and other vehicles, sensors can improve your level of safety. Soundwaves and electromagnetic waves detect any objects in the environment around your car, automatically activating your braking system if they detect potential hazards.

The bottom line is that an accumulation of snow, slush or mud on your vehicle’s exterior sensors can compromise the safety benefits of your driver-assistance systems.

Are your sensors malfunctioning even after a thorough cleaning? To get your vehicle back in safe driving condition, don’t put off a checkup at your local M 360 Mechanic.

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