Transport items safely with your vehicle

Vehicles and trailers are useful for transporting various objects. Here are some loading tips to prevent you from becoming a public safety risk when you hit the road.

  • Choose high-quality roof racks, boxes and bicycle racks. Look for models with several straps to secure the contents.
  • Opt for heavy-duty ratchet straps over bungee cords or ropes to effectively secure items. They’re the only ones you can trust to withstand the force of a sudden swerve or an emergency stop.
  • Pay particular attention to long objects and lightweight materials, like wooden planks and plastic tarps. If left unsecured, these items could bounce around or be thrown from the vehicle.
  • Ensure your load doesn’t obstruct your field of vision or obscure the lights on your vehicle from other drivers.
  • Balance your load to maintain vehicle stability. Arrange light items to the sides and place large, heavy items near the trailer axles.
  • Once you’ve arranged your gear, give it a good shake before hitting the road to test the load and strapping. This will ensure nothing shifts in transit.

Load your vehicle safelyDo you need transport accessories like a roof box or bike rack for your vehicle? Visit your nearest M 360 Mechanic for expert advice on the gear you need.

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