Suspension: essential for dealing with potholes!

In spring, potholes are numerous and deeper than ever before. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get around them. To help you maintain a safe ride in spite of their unpleasant presence, your vehicle uses its suspension system.

To optimize your handling, it’s important that your tires are in contact with the ground at all times, even when the ground is uneven, such as bumps or potholes. Made up of springs (helical, leaf or air springs, for example), the suspension allows the wheels to move up and down in relation to the car’s chassis by following the imperfections of the road, without having too much effect on the inclination of your vehicle.

In addition, to prevent the spring from bouncing back after a shock, the vehicle’s suspension works closely with the shock absorbers. The shock absorbers slow down the movements that could cause rebound and allow the vehicle to maintain its center of gravity without a counter-shock.

To check the condition of your suspension and shock absorbers, come to Mister Muffler!

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