How to shop for a car insurance?

Want to protect your vehicle without being ripped off? Take the time to shop around for your insurance policy by following these tips!


First of all, start by assessing your needs. In addition to liability insurance (which is mandatory), choose the type of coverage you want, for example :

  • Collision and run over;
  • Risks other than collision and run over (e.g. vandalism, fire, tree falling on your vehicle, hail, theft, flood);
  • All risks;
  • Specified risks.

Certain additional coverages, called “endorsements”, may also be appropriate for you (e.g., if you rent or borrow a vehicle).


Before hiring a broker, contacting insurance companies by phone or using online quote comparison tools, gather all the information and documents required (your contact information, past claims, past traffic violations, vehicle information, etc.). Good preparation will certainly save you time!


Carefully analyze and compare the offers received, taking into account the amount of the deductible to be paid. Also check to see if there are any discounts when you buy your home insurance from the same place – it could save you a lot of money. Want to “make sure” that your car is in top condition? Make an appointment with Mister Muffler for an inspection!

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