Electric windows: the allies of your comfort

The power windows are a pleasure to use while driving, as they can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button. Behind this button are a motor and a scissor or cable device.

The scissor mechanism works by means of a gear directly connected to the motor. When the motor is activated, the gear turns to move the “blades” of the scissors. The metal legs, which are initially opened downwards, cross flat in the middle and then return to full vertical extension when the window is fully raised – the window is placed on a support attached to the ends of the blades. The scissors take the opposite path to lower the window.

The cable mechanism (spiral, Bowden or double Bowden) consists of a pulley connected to a sturdy, vertical wire, to which is attached a support for the window (2 in the case of the double model). The electric motor slides the cable up and down (or vice versa) in its rail until the button is released or the window is perfectly in place.

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