The parking assistance system: a function that makes your life easier

The demand for vehicles equipped with Park Assist is continually increasing, as this function is particularly popular with drivers who are anxious about parallel parking.

A parking assistant takes over the technology used by the reversing camera for obstacle detection. Sensors, located at the front and rear of the car, bounce ultrasounds off objects encountered in the environment in order to calculate their distance from the vehicle, with the aim of transmitting information to the management on the maneuvers to be performed.

When approaching a parking space, the driver activates the system, which determines if the space is large enough for the car. Once the confirmation signal is received, the driver takes his or her hands off the steering wheel and follows the instructions on the dashboard display.

Although the driver no longer has to steer the vehicle, it is essential to manage acceleration and reverse by operating the pedal and shift lever.

Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the assistance system can help the driver to parallel, reverse, diagonal or even exit the parking space. For an inspection or adjustment of your parking assistant, make an appointment with one of our Mr. Muffler specialists!

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