Minivans: the perfect vehicle for busy families

For years, minivans were the car of choice for families. They’re similar to station wagons but have more headroom, thereby maximizing passenger comfort and providing additional cargo space. Minivans generally seat between four and seven people. However, certain models can accommodate even more. This makes them particularly suitable for large families.

Minivans offer several other advantages, including impressive handling and enough horsepower to pull a trailer or caravan. They’re also more affordable than other vehicles with equivalent cargo capacity. In addition, minivans come equipped with high-tech features, such as DVD players, that are perfect for long road trips. You can also adjust the seating configuration to save space or separate your children to avoid conflicts. Before hitting the open road in your minivan, consider visiting your local Mister  Muffler. Our experienced mechanics can perform all the necessary checks and balances to give you peace of mind.

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